About Denplan payment plans

Denplan payment plans are provided by Denplan, part of Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist. These payment plans take a preventative approach to dental care and, with their unique and wide-ranging support services, have been looking after dentists and their patients for over 30 years.

Denplan enables patients to budget for private dental care while taking a preventative approach to their oral health. As the only customer-facing brand in the payment plan market, Denplan is one of the most recognised in the UK.

Denplan customers receive the best possible service from a UK-based call centre from the moment they join.


How does a Denplan payment plan work?

A Denplan payment plan is tailored to you. There is no reason to pay for work you don’t need. Why would you? With a dental payment plan from Denplan, your dentist projects what treatments you are likely to need. The treatment costs are set out and you pay a monthly fee to cover the work.

As long as your dentist offers Denplan and any previous work has been complete, you’ll be able to sign up.

On the first visit to your chosen member dentist, they will examine your teeth to make sure you’re dentally fit. Your dentist will discuss the findings with you, set a bespoke monthly price and agree the contract.

As soon as you receive your welcome pack, you’ll be able to receive treatment.


The benefits of Denplan

 Oral health advice – providing guidance on how to prevent dental problems

 Set payments – split by month, allowing you a clear view on your private dental care costs

 Regular check-ups – arranged trips to the dentist to keep your teeth and gums healthy



Denplan Care – our capitation plan

What is Denplan Care?

Denplan Care is a comprehensive dental plan for our patients, covering preventive and restorative oral healthcare treatments. What you pay per month depends on your oral health, making sure you only pay for what you need.

What does Denplan Care include?

 Dental check-ups (as clinically necessary)

 Dental hygiene visits (as clinically necessary)

 Dental x-rays

 Necessary fillings

 Necessary extractions

 Periodontal treatment

 Preventive dental advice and therapy

 Crowns, dentures and bridgework (excluding lab fees)

 Root canal treatment

 Helps you budget for routine and restorative oral care needs

 Helps prevent dental problems before they become an issue